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10/26/2005, 21:42:41
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I was just thinkin' the other day about all the programs I had attended where Rawat pretty much blew a gasket screaming at me to surrender and be more devoted to him and knowledge.

Actually, the concept of devotion was always a huge stumbling block for me. I always wondered why this was necessary to practice knowledge. I know now that he was merely importing wholesale the Hindu concept and practice of bhakti yoga whereby being a worshipper of the teacher would ultimately bring about transcendence. This was obstensibly through some "magical" process imparted from the guru and taught to us as being by his "grace". I never really bought into this, I guess I inherently knew that it was nonsense.

Many times the idea of surrendering to "Guru Maharaj Ji" was used interchangeably with surrendering to "holy name" or the knowledge, this always seemed to me to be an intentional blurring of the lines. The implication of course was that Guru and this inner experience were one and the same. And also that loving him or being devoted to him actually could trump meditation as being the way to find our "bliss".

Why am I bringing this up now? Well, given all that we know now about Malibu Prem the boozer and abuser it gets very difficult indeed to just chalk all this crap up to some kind of cultural misunderstanding or youthful naivety as EV would like people to think. Here is a guy who put out an "instructor training manual" which talked in the heaviest of details about commitment and dedication and devotion and warned us about the possibility of shattering into a million pieces that could never be put back together again should that commitment and devotion ever waver. Arrogant, manipulative and deluded? Those would be some of the kinder words . . .

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