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10/26/2005, 22:44:13
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I was thinkin' how in the old days goom raji would get all heavy with us and then lighten things up at the end by tearing a strip off his mahatmas or initiators, or some honcho or what-have-you. Actually, it was nauseatingly routine of him to talk derisively about someone and this would serve at once to put this person in his place, grovelling at his lotus feet one presumes. It also allowed the rest of us hoi-polloi to feel this false sense of smugness and comic relief that it wasn't us. But at the same time it served notice that we were all really know-nothing idiots compared to our-lard-who-art-in heaven.

Anyway, at this one program I remember, this demeaning and sarcastic prem-pal was in his element(and Hilltop if you are reading this - feel free to help out with any verbatim quotes). After roughing us up during his discourse (discharge?)with some heavy surrender/devotion crapola he offers us the soothing balm of "returning home to our rat-holes" like the poor, confused pack of rodents we were in his enlightened eyes.

To me this little snippet of uber-arrogance typifies Rawat's attitude towards us. The bloated, self-indulgent creep. There, I feel better now.

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