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11/08/2005, 06:32:18
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...that nobody heard about. I tried this string: "Paul McDonald" "Committee for Economic Development of Australia" in Google and got exactly two hits. One was the press release on usnewswire and the other was a direct link to

I also checked No reference to the event. In the press release alot of names and organisations are thrown around, but it noticeably avoids stating who is actually behind the event. It just says, "a special event at Parliament House..." So the question remains, who exactly invited Prem Rawat? Since the only organisation which actually mentions the event on its website is tprf, one can conclude that tprf is the sponsoring organisation or some quickly thrown together front organisation just for this purpose.

Prem Rawat can put another notch on his belt for one more con job directed at, amongst others, his loyal premies. At this rate, he is bound to run out of leather.

The press release as published on tprf:

Prem Rawat speaks at Australia’s Parliament House on the United Nations’ International Day of Peace

Canberra, September 21—Prem Rawat delivered the keynote address at a special event at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, on the occasion of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

The event was emceed by Paul McDonald, Executive Director of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia. CEDA, Australia’s leading economic think tank, engages leaders from business, government, academia, and community organizations in emerging policy debates.

Welcoming the attendees, Helen Disney, President of the Capital Territory Chapter of the United Nations’ Association of Australia, said, “This International Day of Peace marks our individual and collective commitment and progress towards building cultures of peace above all interests and differences. Individuals and nations, acting in a peaceful manner, do make a difference in the quality of our lives, institutions, environment, and future on earth. Through peace, we have a possibility to manifest the essential spirit that unites us amid our diverse ways.”

David Purnell, National Administrator of the UNAA, a member of the National Consultative Committee on Peace and Disarmament and a recipient of the Order of Australia medal, told the attendees: “We are all working for a culture of peace in this world. Part of realizing that dream involves solid institutions that embody the vision of peace, as well as people embracing a culture of peace. UNAA helps inform, educate, and mobilize people around the development of a culture of peace.”

For Linda Pascotto, President of The Prem Rawat Foundation, "Prem Rawat has received many invitations and warm welcomes in this country. His message is now on television each week in most cities in Australia and receives high ratings. It is wonderful to see that the appreciation for his message of peace keeps growing, and it is befitting that he would today address such a distinguished audience in Parliament House on the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.”

Prem Rawat, known also as Maharaji, has emerged as a leading voice for peace. Last year alone, more than 1.5 million people came to seek his inspiration.

He founded The Prem Rawat Foundation, which spearheads significant humanitarian initiatives. This year, the Foundation has already donated more than $300,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme and $100,000 for victims of Hurricane Katrina and organized hunger-relief efforts after the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

To discover more: The Prem Rawat Foundation
Read an excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address at Parliament House

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