Corruption, Idieology, Whaddya Expect?
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Juan Carlo Finesseti

11/09/2005, 01:22:20
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I don't see the difference between the "peace of common unity" and the "peace of common belief." What the belief happens to be is irrelevant. It's the paradigm that's corrupt, and it has led to one totalitarian disaster after another. Little ones and big ones. Conservative and liberal. What, really, is the difference between Naziism, Stalinism, Salafism, and Elan Vital? Anyone waking up yet?

Something like 90% of the folks here are "progessive" not because 90% of the population adhere to progressive beliefs, but because you've managed to create a discursive structure that excludes dissent. But 90% clearly will not be enough.

This has absolutely nothing to do with whether progressive beliefs are inherently true or false, and everything to do with the nature of humans. You set a trap that caught... yourselves.

You've a precious insight. You know, firsthand, the essential weakness of mankind. You can either play with it, like a kid with a mudpie, or you can use it to change the human condition.

So, what is there about this that's so deucedly hard to comprehend?

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