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11/09/2005, 14:43:52
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Instead of posting here, can we have a discussion about where we go from here re an ex-p social forum at the link below, you don't have to register to post there in that thread

I personally never ever want to go through this again re an ex-p social forum, it's happened way too many times, and is seriously tedious, and very insulting to some serious posts that were up there if the destruction of sacred cows was deliberate

For anyone who comes in later, and wonders what the hell has been going on, ask gerry and Kerde, if you can believe a single word they say.

For at least a couple of hours today, all posts had disappeared from Sacred Cows and there was a message page saying the following

Forum is experiencing technical difficulties.
> Please standby.
> Gerry says:
> i never want to hear another word from any ex premie anywhere ever
> Thanks for the love, Gerry!
> Thanks for completely hosing up my forum, Gerry.
> Did you take it out on your animals and beat the crap out of them, too?
> And, Gerry, if you login as Admin again I will file criminal charges.
> Email me the password now at
> And, yeah, I always suspected this day would come when you'd go nuts and
> trash everything.
> My mistake: Should not have been so trusting.
> You are a fucking pariah, Gerry.
> Go ahead and play your piano and croon while my forum burns, you freak.
> Gerry can be contacted at
> ____________________________


Now it's all love and peace between them, go figure, I certainly can't be bothered to work it out.

What I do know is that this is not the first time this kind of stuff has happened by a long shot, and I doubt it will be the last, I'm just completely bored with it, and am suggesting another social forum, personally I'd like it under the f8 mods umbrella whoever they are, it certainly can't be any the less reliable than the present regime..


Related link: You don't have to register to post
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