I have a message of peace for the world (but, please, no interviews or discussions!)
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11/05/2005, 20:51:16
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What kind of stilted, bizarre idiocy is this, Rawat throwing himself onto the world stage as a man with a message that everyone must hear -- it's about peace after all, don't you know -- but being unwilling to actually discuss his ideas with anyone?  It's crazy, is what it is.  People with ideas to share usually look for people to talk with.  They thrive on the interaction and seek it out here, there and everywhere. 

But Rawat?  Does Rawat do that?  Does he talk with the world whose attention he seems so slavishly bent on attracting?  All his PR puff pieces about the marginal sums he donates, all so clearly, undisputably given for one reason only, to impress (who, I don't know.  Perhaps other cult leaders, is all I can think.)  No, Rawat doesn't talk with anyone.  He can't delve into explaining his ideas because there's nothing to explain.  Just empty, self-congratulatory nothingness.  Hardly the stuff to trigger a decent conversation.

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