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04/20/2017, 06:53:47
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Thanks  Jasper Newdawn Maninar and all. Very interesting posts. 
I think my predominant feeling these days, getting on for 20 years down the line, is one of fascination. I remain intrigued and perplexed by the whole cult dynamic thing.
I interact occasionally with premies on Facebook and witness their undying devotion to their hamster.. ( genuine typo!). It fascinates me. How did I carry on believing for so many years? How can they carry on in the face of the evidence? I couldn't. Once I'd read the whole truth about him, I was out. So maybe they still haven't dared to dig deeper. It wasn't an easy journey untangling the complex cult web, but I am so glad I did. 

One conversation recently really had me wondering. A friend of a friend sent me a friend request and told me he had once read and posted here and that I was the only one who was civilised!! After a long conversation involving several others on FB, he asked me about my story and how I came to M and K, I told him everything but despite all I said and all he must have read here he still said " Of course I wonder why you no longer appreciate knowledge. what happened?"

What indeed? Like I say, fascinating! 

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