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04/20/2017, 18:47:02
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also Brian S has made such an interesting post just down the page.

If we are still talking in our 80's what even more interesting and succinct posts we will be making.  I keep hoping I will be able to do life the universe and everything laid out in one post.  ha ha.

yeah definitely - religion is about getting ready to die and the last people who should be presented with it are young people getting ready to make their way in life.  I knew this even as a premie I was worried about all the sitting around indoors.  I knew it wasn't good for me to be sitting cross-legged for hours and oh god I still wince at the hours of dreadful boredom I endured watching videos - I think I had stockholms syndrome towards the end, it flipped and I was wasting my life if I wasn't watching videos and then I'd put a tape on in the car!!!  oh blimey, I do feel sorry for my past self.

I am playing bridge this afternoon.  It is far more interesting than listening to Mr Rawat blather on about life the universe or anything at all for that matter and all it is is a game of cards.

Pat my old friend and teacher is too blind and frail to play at club any more but she is still the best player in the shire.  She's the only person I know to admit to it but I agree with her there are two types of bridge players.  The systems players and the intuitive wingers.  It will come as no surprise for me to say I am a winger, so is Pat.  She hides it to this day.  well she admits it to me but if she hadn't hidden it she wouldn't have got good players to play with her and she likes to win.

I don't have to hide it any more because I have got a good reputation for my play.  And basically I don't need to because my point is I am the logical one.  The systems player is the superstitious one.  While I am free to think about it, the systems player is busy conforming to a system that cannot cover every situation anyway.

What's true is true.  

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