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10/29/2005, 17:36:04
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Seems like unambiguous devotion to the creator is still the order of the day.

An excerpt from this new premie site.

Cherished and loved


Who am I to question my Beloved's play? A mystery it may seem, there is no mystery to my heart only the blessings of my Beloved.

Who am I to say Beloved I love you? When in essence it is I who am cherished and loved beyond my wildest imagination.

I sing to my Beloved and beg to be saved from ignorance and with out me knowing, my Beloved has plucked me from the fire and holds me within my divine breath. I have been awoken from my sleep by the gentle nourishing of my Beloved's touch. As it soothes my heart with eternal love and constantly beckons me inside.

Awake to love touched by grace, my heart has become my guide. To- day is my gift to my Beloved.


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