How about a sub-category for jettisoned beliefs?
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04/01/2005, 10:10:54
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You know, we could also put together a list of beliefs we were once fed but later told (expressly or not) to spit back out:

That Rawat's family is the Holy Family and any one of the members could easily replace him.

That there is no such thing as a "Holy Family" and Rawat's mother and two eldest brothers were / are stupid idiots.

  • That Rawat will bring peace to the world within a few decades.
  • That Rawat never promised to bring peace to the world.
  • That one can "Realize Knowledge" which meant crossing into a state of permanent God-realization.
  • That there is no such thing as realizing Knowledge.
  • That all serious premies without encumbrances and those that have them who can possibly get rid of them should move into the ashram for the rest of their lives.  Soon the whole world will be an ashram.
  • That the ashram was no big deal, it didn't quite work right, it's time had come and gone, get over it!
  • That the internet is a big, fat waste of time.
  • That Rawat is bringing peace to the internet.
  • That his wife, Marolyn, is Durga Ji, Goddess of Love and our mum to boot.
  • That Monica is where it's at.
  • That there is no place in this world for a man who turns his back on Maharaji.
  • That if you want to walk, walk, no problemo.
  • That one must receive Knowledge through the physical touch of an authorized agent of the Lord.
  • That one can receive Knowledge on TV.
  • That Maharaji wants as much up front, in your face, exposure as possible in the world media.
  • That Maharaji is not interested in talking with the regular press.
  • That one must meditate 24/7
  • That one must not try to meditate 24/7
  • That Knowledge is the real meditation
  • That Knowledge has nothing to do with meditation

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