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04/08/2017, 15:35:35
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Hi New Dawn,

Very poignant post, thanks.

Suzy Q’s fundamentally my experiences were all down
to me in the end, the power I attributed to him was exaggerated, what I felt
and understood was just me, interacting with my comprehension of divinity.”

resonates very strongly with me.

GMJ was a prop, and that beautiful earnestness that sponsored all of
our wonderful impulses were our own, except that we mistakenly objectified him and
the catechism he brought us as the source. 
So it’s very, very easy for us to demonize our youthful earnestness and
wonderful impulses due to that powerful linkage with him and what we have come
to understand about him and his truth-lite messaging.

Personally, I think belief, faith and even hope are overrated
in the ontological world, but on the other hand, that accessing inner stillness
is not.  I think to avoid meditation and
any other form of quieting down and introspection is to avoid one’s own self.  However, quieting down can mean that those deeply-help
traumas that are nestled out of sight (yet continue to drive our behavior that tends to
make messes in our lives) get the chance to bubble up into awareness to be
looked at, and hopefully dealt with.  Staying
busy from dawn to dusk is a viable option to keep those demons at bay, and “spiritual
bypassing” (using so-called ‘spiritual practice’ to avoid unresolved internal
wounds and even justify bad behavior) is another way to go in the realm of avoidance
and ineffectual healing.

Here is an alternate (kinda dumbed down) way to look at a
few of the words used on this thread so far:

BELIEF: Make meaning by condensing parts of reality into
a conceptual framework (to file neatly away in the brain) towards avoiding the
confusion of complexity

FAITH: place one’s hope in a belief

HOPE: anticipation of the fruition of one’s beliefs/hopes
in the future

Belief dumbs down the universe, faith perpetuates the
stupidity, and hope extends its shelf life, all to avoid ‘what is’, at least in
the present moment.

I will say, on the other hand, that love is real, and its
apprehension absolutely does not require belief, faith nor hope.

For me, love (and its counterparts) is the baby, and all
of the religion, mythology and bullshit that distracts from its effulgence in
the present moment is the bathwater.

Our demons can get exorcised and put behind us, because
somehow at the heart of this mysterious, brutal, yet fucking beautiful universe is
love.  And it’s not easy (at least for
me), and we will always be works in progress, which is actually not so bad and
quite interesting.

So these are just my thoughts, but I do have a little
advice: Take it easy on yourself.  All of
us on this Forum got swept up in the stupidity, and for good reason (timing
being everything and all).  But it was
not all wasted time and energy, and there was very good stuff while we were
there (however embarrassing the circumstances), and the good stuff was always
ours and is still ours (even within inside us).

The baby lives!!


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