The mysteries of life
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let's briefly outline the deliberately caused mysteries.  gas lighting is a phrase that comes from the Hitchcock movie where the husband wants to make his wife doubt her own sanity and does things like turn down the gaslight and when she says it's getting dim in here, he looks at her like she's nuts and says no it isn't.

one way and another there is a massive amount of that sort of mystery isn't there.  

Then there are the mysteries of life - I still remember my amazement when I first cut my finger.  First of all that ruby red drop of blood that formed, wow, and then oh my goodness the skin came back together again and you couldn't even see where the cut had been, it was like it had never happened.

okay so you get an answer - skin can heal itself.  Within that answer is a heap-load of mystery.  When you think about everything that has been learned about how skin heals itself it is enormous, and yet probably a drop in the bucket of what there is yet to learn about it.  It might even be a pi situation, no end to what we can learn and that would be mysterious.

Like what came first the chicken or the egg.  Can anyone answer that yet?  just something, some start at it would be good.  

When you talk about there being nothing mysterious the understanding I have of what you are saying is that there is no need to put an independent third party into it - no god who came along and zapped the cut finger back together, it is explicable by the nature of skin itself.  and I do agree.

But then the cut finger that gets kissed by the mother heals quicker and better.  Nobody has to tell the mother to do it.  Unless of course she has been told not to do it because her saliva is a contaminant.  Then she has a struggle on her hands between her instinct and learning.

Saliva is mysterious the way it changes, so is blood, it is all a bit mysterious when you get down to it.  But that doesn't mean anything goes.  It doesn't mean reality isn't precisely as it is.

That example you give, of seeing a light and the feelings associated with it and then sitting around being a premie for such ages - that happened to me too.  

With hindsight I was able to recognise that I was psychologically traumatised and responding to that.  But at the time I thought it meant Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge was for real, that it had brought me home.

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