The Last Time I Saw Paris
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03/27/2017, 09:25:39
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Hi Lesley, good morning,
I've had my morning cappuccino... But still likely my head is much too paltry dense and inflexible to properly grapple with what you say so poetically of the subtleties of life on Earth. ...the workings of my conscious and subconscious want, such foolish unsubtle mechanisms I have about me, to simply read knowing as knowing, as you now shift to carefully parse subconscious knowing.

Things come to the surface of consciousness and one knows them, and intuition, being part of all perception that surfaces, joins the party. Nothing mysterious I say. What what! PipPip cheers for he head rising above the shoulders. Huzza!

You might say my finger mysteriously knows to lift itself off of the burner that's beginning to sizzle against it's feeling skin, because it has subconscious intuition, a subconscious knowing comes to it. Sometimes mine senses in advance the danger and avoids it, sometimes it sizzles a moment first in poor or lagging intuition, sometimes my finger overcarefully mistakenly shies away even when the burner is cold. But my finger never speaks to me silently in my head as a he or a she voice which I must judge right or wrong about the sizzling sensation, so maybe this isn't a kind of phenomena comparable to what you describe.

But this becomes a dorky battle over the meaning of words more than honing an inquiring mind, mine or yours or our good audience. I was reminded and admonished myself yesterday just after a couple of my blustering postings ... some words I was reading from out of 1930s between the World Wars...

"One had to respect the beliefs of others and not continually be setting folks right about this or that, if one wished to live serenely in Paris."
-- Elliot Paul, The Last Time I Saw Paris

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