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...Wade Davis...Richard Evans Schultes (Harvard ethno-botanist) is nothing short of astonishing.

Yes..Schultes, and Wade Davis...interesting the academic kerfuffle from his thoughts on linguistics.  I've read his Shadows in the Sun, and Light at the Edge of the World, been looking for his The Clouded Leopard.  I'll have to find The Wayfinder, too now!

I am coming to a conclusion that philosophy, psychology, religion and spirituality are all flawed vehicles for understanding our place in the universe.

Yes, but maybe therein are some of the best of human attempts at developing brains, although overall of ramshakled cobbled-together sometimes cock-eyed understanding of the ways of the univers, no?...despite humans being lame by limited capacity of comprehension?  Much of that understanding and developed comprehension is so far beyond my capacities.  I guess even the best of brains and hearts might better not be expected to evolve into perfect mechanisms for comprehending all of reality anyway, and try to remember there are a few known unknowns recognizable while likely there are potentially limitless unknown unknowns.  Surely every kind of creature does it's best making a go with what it's got.

Rawatism was...and still is...a feeble crutch. A band aid on the collective human uncertainty. ... Even though I vividly remember years of profound inner peace (within-inside) while living as a practicing premie...

Kinda of how I feel about it too.  But I should say I do I think I surely learned a lot in all that time, even directly by the long "experiment" of my diving into the depths of it for decades...  Enjoyed some of it, some not.  And we're still here.

I don't see separations and divisions of personal experience anymore. No more "us and them".

Not sure of what you mean.  You mean not to compare and judge indescrimitably, or not at all!?

The whole concept of the mind and critical thinking (as being bad) was a smoke screen...  He had no more clue as to what enlightenment was than we did.

I think "mind bad" vs. discriminating mind is a meme, a religious or philosophical idea or utility in exercise of some sort of clean and proper practice  -- dogma aimed maybe to outwit generally some too-intricate convoluted habits of "free" mind tending to drift into the ozones and general self-harm to humanity, like maintaining a range of moral tenets for the masses against falling into degeneration.  

The full blinkered following of old-lineage wisdom was/is a central part of his inherited and ingrained honoring of the "venerable" guru line - of "higher wisdom", I think a module or meme, part of all that suffused into his own understanding of reality (and downloaded into ours) burned into his attitudes from all his background derived from his father, his childhood, and that ancient thousands-year culture of the subcontinent within which he was born and grew up.  

...and with which he handily, of course, made his profitable way navigating in the world to the best of his own lights as most "noble-ly" as he could devise, however faulty or excellent, cunning, overbearing, skewed or even criminally as he may variously seem to some of us who partook or to others from a distance.   

In fact I would suggest ...  We were much more divine than he ever was.

Hmmm... more divine than...I don't know.  For sure he's very much better at making money and amassing a useful subservient following than I am, but so was Mr. Schicklgruber who cut a nasty swath through his own culture and our world; Alexander Magnus who "conquered the world" and died on the way home, and, well, as so many of the "lights" of humanity lived out their grand time.  Mohandus Gandhi did a pretty good following without raking in loads of ostantious gelt for himself and still evoking never-ending admiration and adulation, and I've heard old Al Schweitzer very honorably did relieve lots of individual suffering without much money or following.  

Where's divinity in all of this; looking the other way averting the omniscient gaze, uninterested?, bored, disappointed? pulling all the strings and intimately pervasively involved in the minutiae, counting every sparrow's breath?, waiting for proper comeuppance for all in afterlife, or just has set the ball rolling and walked away wishing good luck if you can maintain good habits of human generosity among your fellows?..all in a universe on a drunken meander?... I wouldn't venture to comment about all that...not today anyway.

Two cents...out of change

Betcha got more change a'comin' anyway, and probably no eternal conclusions. 

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