Putting Descartes Before The Horse
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03/26/2017, 14:49:04
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I think the joke goes something like this: A horse walks into a bar, the bartender asks the horse "Are you an alcoholic?" To which the horse replies "I don't think I am." and poof he disappears .... you get the rest of it, little thanks to Descartes.

Nothing significant to contribute here, but I have been reading a great author recently Wade Davis. His 500 page biographical odyssey One River on the life of Richard Evans Schultes (Harvard ethno-botanist) is nothing short of astonishing. Or another of his books worth reading The Wayfinders, why ancient wisdom matters in a modern world.

Wade argues that we could learn a tremendous amount from "uncivilized cultures" and that as industrialized nations we have strayed far from our once natural instincts and traditions. Nothing new, but wonderfully expressed.

I am coming to a conclusion that philosophy, psychology, religion and spirituality are all flawed vehicles for understanding our place in the universe.
Not that I have found any profound answers quite yet. But I am much more comfortable with the Great Unknown now.

Rawatism was...and still is...a feeble crutch. A band aid on the collective human uncertainty. Even though I vividly remember years of profound inner peace (within-inside) while living as a practicing premie, I don't see separations and divisions of personal experience anymore. No more "us and them".

The whole concept of the mind and critical thinking (as being bad) was a smoke screen that he created to keep us off balance...in my opinion. He had no more clue as to what enlightenment was than we did. In fact I would suggest the exact opposite: We were much more divine than he ever was.

Two cents...out of change 

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