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03/26/2017, 14:26:03
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Hiya M!

Thanks for your effluent response  (effluent?fluent?)  ...kinda thought I'd got to where I'm babbling to myself.

...This ... experience of yours occurred in the context of the surroundings driving your semantics.  

Not sure what you mean...  Maybe simply that I used some words above to describe an experience?  Moreover that those words were formulated influenced by the surroundings, as well as all my previous life experience, the time, place, the rap I was given toward an expectation, all making me say of it some words afterwards and think of it in the way I did/do: "God", "Light", "Damn Nice Experience", "Infinite", "Love", "Knowledge", whatever...  And likewise present (mental) circumstances dictate I now describe it as a"neurological phenomenon"?

Also, NOTHING occurs in consciousness that does not simultaneously occur as physical events in the body/mind, and so your neural matrix certainly was altered and implicated as well.

Certainly.  I think that's right. least as much as we can say electron charges running around neurons in nifty patterns are physical events and the matrices of patterns get kinda fixated or semi-"crystallized" but still quite flexibly shifty, for spans of time until further knocked about into different patterns, or of course until the brain ultimately turns off finally.  [Not convinced myself that it all uploads into the Akashic.  ...for the future quantum computers to read, or the clairvoyants.]

...light phenomenon ... whatever the fuck is going on. 

Just so.

...not having to intellectually understand this interesting world...

Pretty nice enough just to be in it for awhile yet.

...what interests me most about these tyoes of experiences are the intrinsic ‘feelings’ involved, and especially how these feelings can inform what I am and how I behave as I move through the world...

Yeah, I certainly like the feelings too...not trying to sort them out much these days myself, nor to identify from them any meanings about my personality and such, just enjoying them in real time.  And lots of contemplation of memories that seem to randomly come back to me, I mean enjoying just re-viewing them.

There is a whole other conversation (probably better over beers) 

Yes...over beers is most important... absorption with the ‘feeling world’ within my skinbag, as opposed to a ‘conceptual world’.  ....The brain seems to do its job reasonably well, great organ to have! 

So I just make an educated guess that you too intrinsically maybe enjoy rational exercise in the cranium as well as much of all else going on in your skinbag...always making and revising reality maps with a clever human brain like all we critters are totally prone to doing  -- well, prone or upright.  (Any thought on there being something like Plato's underlaying forms?  No, no, let's not go there...stay with the feelings.) 

But at the end of the day, seems like we all just want to feel good in a sustainable manner), and at the pinnacle of good feelings is love...benevolent love, with all of its side effects like kindness, compassion, occasional bliss, empathy and such.  

We shall call it love finally and always then, in our mouth sounds and our various symbols scratched and keyboarded onto pages and screens...shall we...Why not.  Contrary to John, Paul, George and Ringo's lyrics, I suspect, perhaps too foolishly pragmatic, it's not all we need.

If you could tunnel back that moment, what did you feel, absent all of the other rigmarole?

Got no semantics for the charts I'm afraid sir. 

Beautiful, mysterious world we are part of.

I couldn't say more...

Good to hear from you M!

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