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11/07/2005, 16:21:21
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"This knowledge is for all human beings.I have come to this planet to to give peace to this world ! "

So just how far along is Rawat in bringing his 'gift' to the world. As India is the only country where he can pull in the crowds and where overheads are cheap it's a good place to see just how propagation could work.

Population 2005 - 1.085 billion

Preparation time: TheKeys - 80 hours of group DVD viewing achieved by 100 persons per session, run at 2 hours pers session, 10 hours per day per Keys operator  = 4550 persons per year per operator/unit

Cost of operator/equipment (allowing for volunteer subsistence only) US$1000 plus equipment (US$2500 replaced every five years) = US$500,  total = US$1500 per annum

Objective to reach whole India population in fifty years - allow additional 650 million in population growth = 1.735 billion which therefore requires 7626 operators/units working 10 hours per day, every day for fifty years.

Cost = US$1500 x 7626 = US$11,439,000 per annum

Cost capital (up front hardware costs) US$19,065,000

If Rawat truly believes in TheKeys and he truly believes in the value of his Knowledge clearly he will be actively seeking 7500 operator recruits and will be raising the necessary $19 million to purchase projector units for those recruits to bring his message to the people.

In Europe and the Anglophone countries things are of course different - take the US - with a 300 million population, where everyone has their own DVD player, then given a fifty year programme EV US would only need in each year to : produce around 1.5 million sets of TheKeys DVDs, distribute those by turn to 8 million US citizens and hold 80,000 Key six 'initiations' of a hundred people a time - a mere two session a day. Yes in just fifty years the whole world could receive Rawat's Knowledge.


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