xpdid - week 4 - Paddy - Sunday, 6/11/05 - 17.00 (gmt)
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11/06/2005, 05:16:37
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Yes folks, it's that time of the week again.

As usual it will be broadcast at 17.00 (gmt) today, and as usual, goto http://www.shoutcast.com
station name 4amzen.

I will be playing a couple of tracks from about 16.50 (gmt), to give the server time to register the station presence.
If you go there before then you will not find the station name.

It's an interesting take this time since Paddy has subverted the usual aim of the show by focusing almost exclusively on the development of DLM/EV in the west through music and his own experiences of that development, rather than celebrating the whole of his own life.

Be warned it's quite a long show, with 14 tracks, and rather a lot of chat, some pre-recorded by Paddy himself, and some from an interview we did last night, not sure of the exact length since I'm just finishing the last part of the editing now, but it will be at least an hour and a half, and there is a lot of devotional music obviously.

I will post the link for downloading the file, or listening as a stream if you are on dial-up, later this afternoon, as I will also be posting the same for last weeks show, apologies for the delay on that one.

Thanks for all the positive feedback folks, in terms of stats we've had 135 downloads or listens so far combined for the first two shows, 70 for the first one, and 65 for the second.

In terms of future shows, I'm recording next weeks one tomorrow afternoon, with four other slots confirmed already with track selections sorted for the next few weeks, two ex-premies, a couple who were never involved but have had extensive friendships affected by rawatism, and one of my mates with no contact at all.

Also stay tuned afterwards, I'll be live with my usual mix of good vibes chillout and dance stuff and some older electric jazz and sixties psychedelic if the last few weeks shows are anything to go by.

Hope you enjoi, personally I found it tough listening to all that devotional stuff again, but an intersting journwey, so thanks for that Paddy.

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