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10/30/2005, 10:29:42
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a little bit of reverb, flash graphics and what have you got?

The answer to life, the universe and everything of course.

Hitch a ride on Maharaji's bandwagon for young premies, don't press the panic button and get to know Who U R


Well I assume that's the message that Elan Vital is trying to send out.

The whour site just released and announced via the following email from Elan Vital UK:

Thanks in action

After a wonderful meeting with Maharaji in Lisbon , we agreed to say thank you with ACTION.  We agreed on a project that could promote Maharaji's message of peace. 

Now, we have developed a brand new site www.whour.org (pronounced who you are) and a thought provoking email that can be used to promote the message. The email will follow shortly.  So, so, so.... feel free to share it with as many people as you like!!!

We are currently releasing the English version. There will be translation in
Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Mandarin coming as well. It will be
implemented in stages.

Our target is to reach 100,000 HEARTS, but why stop there? really the sky is
the limit!   

How can we make this 'email out' a MASSIVE success?

By thinking of universities, colleges, associations, charities or companies in
your country, city, state etc. that have an email list
By approaching the student union, associations and social committees in corporations and request that this message be sent to their students, members or employees
It sounds difficult, but it's real easy. This is about peace.  People dig it.  All the better if you can get in-house people to work on this.
When forwarding this email, it makes sense to remove the "fw" in the subject line. People will probably be more receptive if the message comes directly from you.
Choosing the correct email format that is easy for the recipient to read this message     
Forums and news groups are great places to post this information, so long as its okay with the rules, guidelines and etiquette of the forum
Its simple to forward this email to those on your address book.
Anyone who'd like to get a poster or a flyer to promote this, is invited to visit http://www.coolchill.org/ and click on the "Poster" tab or click here. 
We are monitoring the number of guest hits on the the site and we will be reporting the results.  If you choose to forward this email, we'd appreciate it if you would send the number of people you have forwarded this email to and your country, to ypteam@coolchill.org. Then we will be able to tell when we HAVE exceeded our target!
Have fun!
YP Volunteers

The email mentioned above will be sent soon from KIT. To make it suitable for forwarding the usual logo and banners will be omitted.

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