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03/31/2005, 07:35:01
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" should rely on him for only things he has given you and nothing more."

What, prey are those 'things' ? That man is 'complete' and needs no 'embellishment'? That the 4 techniques are keys to unlock the door to the infinite, unchanging, ultimate Truth? That the thirst is there within and so is the water? That God can manifest in a human body to save mankind? That Truth is 'simple' ? That there is a True Self? That mind is the creation of man and is therefore 'bad' and must becontrolled by Holy Name? That mind is the creation of God and therefore cannot be controlled? That the love between devotee and Master is 'unconditional' and is the highest form of love ? That the love between man and wife, man and child, man and friend are conditional and therefore not as valuable? That when man finds peace within there will be peace in this world? That you can trust your heart but not your mind? That Knowledge is not selfish ? That this Knowledge is the same Knowledge that Jesus gave, that Krishna gave, that Mohammed gave? That there is only ever one True Master in this world? That what you are looking for is within you? That everything you see with these eyes is illusion, except Maharaji? That in one lifetime our 'evolution' can be completed? That what matters is the 'journey' and not the destination? That if God had manifested Himself one year later it would have been too late ? That as soon as you receive Knowledge your karmas are finished? That there is a purpose to human life and that the purpose is : to have faith in Maharaji, to be happy, to find inner peace....That you are perfect but made imperfect by the mind? That as soon as a man takes Knowledge he is liberated? That devotion means living without suffering, no suffering at all? That if you don't practice this Knowledge you will get rotten inside? That Grace is necessary to make Knowledge active? That through the Knowledge you can become one with God? That the more you meditate the higher you get and then you join that frequency where you become infinite? That man who is just perfect in meditation does not do a wrong action? That Maharaji is permanently in God consciousness? That Knowledge is infinite and Maharaji has not reached the pinnacle of it? That the people who are most receptive to Maharaji's message are people who are 'free in what they think'?

Are these some of the 'things' that Maharaji has given us? How 'reliable' do you think these concepts are? Is there any 'fantasy' in amongst this collection? 

Listening to satsang for 30 years must have addled my brain and I can't think clear. Can you help?  



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