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04/21/2017, 00:06:12
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I rarely come here these days but I  am inspired to read these posts. Thanks for reminding me once again that it was here 17 years ago that I was able to rediscover myself and walk away from 29 years of being involved with this cult. I now feel so grateful to be able to wake up in the morning and just live  in a way that I could never have done before. Yes, I see PWK Enjoying their lives, attending​ conferences etc but it is a conditional existence and and I now live a simple but enjoyable life free from reliance upon a cult mentality. It is a liberating feeling and I am so grateful to those who helped me rediscover myself. Thank you so much. Good luck to all who have found the courage and   wisdom to throw away the crutches and walk to your own beat. OldTimer

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