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04/16/2017, 01:27:51
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Thank you Mark. It's probably a totally new focus towards the spirit I'm working towards, or waiting of the two. I am naturally a very focussed person so this no-mans land is uncomfortable for me. It's probably just a phase(!)

Your post is inspiring, you sound very level headed and it brings hope. I don't want to drift and settle into a funky grump.

Very much appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Back from the cows, we were lucky with the weather. It was so beautiful. It's school holidays hence the delay -have since done Blackpool Waterpark, now that washed out some cobwebs.

Happy Easter Apparently Jesus rose from the dead - does that make christianity zombie-worship, I'm confused.

Ps. Re new skills I think this this wholly important. I've been accepted onto a full time degree course doing what I love starting in October. I never finished drama school because I met the guru whilst studying. Hoping this will be a new start.

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