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04/12/2017, 20:35:15
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What good posts.  The wrinkle I'd like to add is the layer of conviction. More real than real.  It's not the same as belief.

I don't know of it ever being wrong.  While I believed in Rawat and did not question that belief my convinto came and knocked me on the head with a technicolour dream that said no he is a charlatan and you are in the muck and you need to help yourself.

I'll never forget waking up that morning, thinking about the activities of the day, the sound of the birds and the creek, the early morning sunshine flooding the room, the trees waving green against the sky.

This was reality and it was a relief to be back in it.. or was it.  Disturbingly the dream which in it's depiction could not actually have happened (Rawat in a white robe and his feet didn't touch the ground?) felt more real than the daily world around me and I was left with a dilemma.  Tempting as it was to embrace my daily activities and refuse to be scared by a fanciful dream, there was no real question as to what I had to do, my inner child needed me.

fascinatingly, I went through that whole process, a series of dreams - seeing Rawat as a monster and teaming up with others to defeat him, rescuing my mum but failing to get her to safety and her rescuing me - I arrived the other side still shaking but with a soul deep sense of safety and yet my belief in La Rawat was still in place!  !! with hindsight that seems very surprising. 

It didn't last.  But for a while there I felt very small and a bit confused and then I found here so that was okay and it was a great relief to get this consistent corroboration that Rawat was a monster and not a messiah.  My dream really was realer than real.

Yes, as Tarvuist described so well - how easily confidence can be accidentally misplaced, let alone in the preserve of the conman.

I think sometimes this idea you don't know much is used against you by someone who doesn't want you to know what you know.  doesn't want you to have confidence in your logical thought process.  doesn't want you to put two and two together and make 4 - no how do you know it doesn't make 5?  oh well I suppose it could make 5 if we got some ectoplasm involved....

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