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04/12/2017, 14:43:48
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Don't be afraid of the Dark as there is ALWAYS a New Dawn...and many beautiful things can be found there.  Probably your greatest personal truths.  Religion is a group experience, and spiritual awareness is a very personal one, and most spiritual journeys are downright lonely.  Unless of course you understand that the divine is within, not without.  

My experience is vastly different from yours, and I hesitated for days in posting to you, knowing full well that everyone else here would have way better things to say, but I couldn't stop thinking about you.  Maybe because we're the same age, or maybe because I actually do know a thing or two about being spiritually lost.  And how very very ok that is.  

Understanding astrology has helped me, especially North Node stuff.  North Node is our spiritual guide and it really comes into play around mid life...check it out, you might find great comfort there.  Given your age, I'd guess that it's knocking at your door for attention.  Without getting too weird, Pluto is doing stuff right now too that will compel all of us to look closer at our Shadow deal with stuff long pressed down, and it could take it upon itself to completely deconstruct our lives, rid us of anything that doesn't serve us anymore, and rebuild from whatever ashes are left.  You sound like you're feeling the effects of that, and it will pass.  

I wrote this lil poem to comfort myself one day.  Without knowing my whole story some of it won't make sense but you'll get the gist, and maybe a little comfort too.

I never heard of autocorrect driving anyone to near suicide, but I do know of several beaten down brainwashed premies who were driven to I'm glad you're here to feel your growing pains, and I'm glad you're coming to this site for tips on dealing with them. Be well, Genny

Losing My Religion

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost
But now am found
Was blind, but now I SEE

Came way too soon
Was much too young to read

Your signs were there
All along
The Gift was still a seed

Who knows how far
Things could have gone
If left Whole, just to Be

We may have saved
The world, but then
It broke when he left me

To see his death
The day before
Was crazy pain to bear

I didn't tell
A single soul
Went black and couldn't share

You tried to teach
Me how it feels
But I just couldn't know

The day I cried
And sparked the Sight
Felt nothing like Your Glow

I thought I'd try 
Another way
No God, No Gifts to use

You take so much
From little girls
And You, I tried to lose

I turned my back
On Your sweet Gifts
Just please leave me alone

You never left
Just gave me time
To find You on my own

Amazing Grace
How sweet the Sound
That saved a wreck like me

You came in Dreams
Could not deny
"Accept your Legacy"

I met a Witch
Along my way
Who showed me so much more

Religion's not
The only Way
Your path, you must explore

You know that Christ
Is not for you
And Gurus will deceive

Our Mother Earth
Retains the Keys
And Moon has tales to weave

They dance around
The Sun for us
And show us who we are

And how to Love
The other ones
Who share our lonely Star

With that new sight
I heard much more
And couldn't not Believe

The city became
Way too loud
I knew had to leave

The Mountains called
And off I went
To find some peace from Noise

You got louder
Instead of calm
And gave me some new Toys

Can do it all
But nothing well
"So what's your specialty?"

Just Listen well
Sit back and Feel
And let the Gift use me

Amazing Grace
How sweet Your Sounds
Saving a mess like me

I turned You down
But had no choice
You came and set me Free

The Roads that lead
To You are vast
No exclusivity

You dwell within
Each One of us
And spark Kundalini

We look outside
Ourselves sometimes
And wonder where You are

There's so much pain
You must be gone
Just look at all the scars

Life should be hard
It's why we're here
To balance the Beyond

But when I need
To soothe myself
I dip in Your Sweet Pond

The pain is not
Derived from You
It's our best way to heal

The Karmic holes
We made one time
You know they're ours to feel

The Love is real
The pain's real too
Must be a cosmic joke

It's up to Us
Not up to You
To fix the things We Broke

But You are there
To show us how
To mend the breaks and holes

You shed the Light
On Miracles
And soothe our gentle Souls

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