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04/08/2017, 20:01:07
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What a great post, thanks for taking  the time.

As an aside, or off at a tangent maybe, the majority of premies were English/American with minorities of French, Italians, Dutch, Germans etc. When at those many programs in Rome I was always struck by how few 'native' premies were there.

When I went to live in Italy & got to know the language a bit, there's this word convinto (convinced), which when applied with a roll of the eyes or a little chuckle, is used as an adjective to describe anyone who has absolute opinions on just about anything, especially if they are expressed in a vehement way.

I found this highly irritating as the English language requires a phrase such as mad as a hatter, there are many more, to give the same idea. All those can be argued against because they imply some kind of mental deficiency, & as we all know there can be truth around the edges of madness. Thus it's possible to reply with...hang on a minute, what about, etc.

Not so with convinced. I wonder whether Italians of our revolutionary generation, when satsanged, just muttered convinto to themselves & passed on by.

There's more to the word than was ever dreamed of in his philosophy. 

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