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04/07/2017, 22:15:07
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praise the lord you are destined to become a grumpy old cynic.  we need as much of that as we can get!  

I have a friend who is fond of quoting a friend of hers who said when she first met him so which one are you, one of the people being done over or one of the people doing the doing over.

And her reply was well I was hoping not to be either.  And I agree with her, that's what I hoped for too and many of us do - we're the ones being done over and hoping to get good enough to turn the tables once in a while.

dreadful world.  goodness the other day I was thinking we grew up with the maxim make love not war - forget all this self love, when it comes down to it how genuinely loveable are people?  Not everyone is loveable through and through.

Believing in Maharaji gave me a sense of security.  All in God's hands.  Within the cult we were encouraged to be trusting.  And well you know we were and there's a lot that's good about that.  But it came at the expense of eroding the trust in our own selves.  In our own developing thoughts and perceptions.

Here I am with a bad tenant and sometimes I feel scared.  And at such times I feel so comforted in my soul that it spreads a good chemistry right through me.

And so I have a sense of security from doing all the right things once you're in such a situation and then I just have it.  I start chattering away in my head and something works for me.

yes cows and english countryside.  that has got to be good.  

Thank you for the blessings.  

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