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04/04/2017, 06:59:40
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"One of the main ways people cope is to talk to God.  I remember the joke in my parent's generation was it's alright unless he starts talking back."

I was more or less kindly criticized when I admitted to still doing just that with the understanding that I was talking to a fantasy, an imagination.  Okay... I still do that!  I talk to some... "other," and the words do come back.  The difference is that I know I was the one who planted those words that come back to me.

That's a backhanded way of declaring relative normalcy.  Who doesn't carry on internal dialogues with themselves?  And I do talk back to myself!  Even a sailor would be embarrassed to call me the names I sometimes call myself.  It helps to put me back into my place.

The more important part of your post was this:

"One thing we are learning more and more now we are getting older is there is a lot more to life than meets the eye.  Tho funnily enough it is good observation that shows us that."

First, that really helps to put me back into my place -- recognizing how very little I actually know (if anything... in case 13 catches this  ).

Secondly, it's only because I'm out of the "knowing" cult that allows me to open my eyes and accept the beauty, human condition and poignancy of not knowing.

This thread strikes me as all about reconnecting to everything lost, sacrificed and suppressed while I was a premie.

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