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04/01/2017, 07:02:16
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Lakeshore-here's a story from the Miami College incident from the thread below….

During the weekend event just before the college program, rawat had 2 programs in Miami, on 2 separate days….
According to my friend who was an usher, the first program was only moderately attended, and they used the customary "pipe and drape" configuration to hide the empty seats, as rawat has expressly declared that he wants to see "no empty seats" at a program….it bothers him…looks bad in the videos too...
So, the first program goes moderately well, but as the 2nd program the next day starts to fill up, they realize that attendance will be far below the first days mediocre showing, as many premies had already had enough rawat, and had left town…
So, an emergency call goes out to hordes of local Miami premies that they are desperately needed to come and usher for the 2nd program…this is an "emergency service" request, and everyone is needed, pronto!
As local premies rushed to the program, they were informed that they weren't needed after all, but they were welcome to attend the 2nd program, free, since they were already there anyway!
Voila!... problem solved, no empty seats, rawat is moderately happy and not angry, no honcho heads roll, premies get a freebie, and no one is the wiser….

The next day, they flooded the campus of the college, and tried to make it look like college students were catching on to the message and requesting him to speak…actually, it was premies who asked the college to ask rawat to speak, and they never fully knew the scam, until some ex-premies clued them in…EPO activism at it's best…

Gotta hand it to this perfect master, er, uh, speaker….he and those premies, they're a clever bunch...

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