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03/31/2017, 14:19:58
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yes the same for me - I could stay friends if we didn't talk about it but really that didn't work for any of us.

as you say, what kind of friendship is that?  stilted, shallow, hurtful after the closeness of the past. 

the aussie version of negative was I got told I wasn't a team player.  what? did I sign up for a soccer team? JSCA, I replied.

fascinating to think back.  That premie then said to me that I didn't understand Maharaji, what he wanted was team players.  

Looking back I left as I understood he was right about Rawat but he had stayed!  what did he hope to achieve out of that - a position as head coach, extra lemonade at half time?  fat chance!

I guess in some disconnected way he must still have believed in Rawat's divinity despite according him his undivinity.

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