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03/31/2017, 08:29:49
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The Words of Peace website posted invitations to hear Rawat speak at a number "themed events."  Moreover, this if the first time I've heard of tickets being sold (approximate $30.00).  Apparently, the practice of a announcing that events are "free to the public" by pre-funding them with premie donations hasn't been working out so well.

Themes include:

One day would be enough

A journey to the self

The feeling of belonging

The timeless breath

An unopened gift

Surely to be filmed and released (as implied by the consent to be filmed and release clause in the ticket agreement).

I'm embarrassed to make such a trivial post... slinking off to get on with my day now...

thankfully free of pressure, belonging, journeying, ascribing manipulative guru mysteries to breathing and wondering who I owe gratitude, money and work to for the "gift" of being born.


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