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03/31/2017, 08:07:55
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To build on the thread, yes, avoided and excised from the flock.

It reminds me of the year before I left when I more boldly started to question what I thought were ridiculous decisions being made by premies in charge of things. "Bob, why are you so negative!?" I'd heard the word so often that I surmised it was a cult code word for going wobbly and falling into the grips of the dreaded "mind."

When I left after thirty-four years, almost my entire adult life, my best premie friend who was dating another best premie friend essentially said that we could continue as friends so long as I didn't say anything negative about Rawat.

Now, if anyone remembers how they felt in their first month after they left...

I concluded that what kind of friendship is it really when almost your entire adult life is off limits for discussion?

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