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03/31/2017, 01:18:49
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What a beautiful description, it took me back to many experiences of knowing without knowing before running into GMJ and then inside the belief system he calls 'not a belief system' and happily since. I rely quite heavily on my intuition and am drawn to all things that i think may heighten or at least sustain it.

In my own experience genetic memory is a verifiable fact. I sometimes attribute my loud intuition to it.
Like any gift in order to make it a skill you have to delve into it and explore.
It was not the sort of thing i was surrounded by, I didn't know people who had similar experiences to me. at one point I thought I might be nuts.One of the reasons I was drawn to knowledge was because I could see that here I was allowed to have an 'experience'.
Nice trap for sensitive souls.

I have since experienced so much and would say I have had a big and beautiful life thus far and I'm anticipating even better. Without the shackles of the half cube I feel the possibilities opening up. As usual in many directions however I like to think I am a lot more discerning now.
In spite of being described as psychic by my friends and family there are only 2 days that i can do much about, they are today and tomorrow.
I have the long range forecast in both directions simultaneously so a few distractions but those are the only 2 days i get much influence over in a hands on way.
I have made some reckless decisions based on those 'experiences' at times. Gone with the moment, gone with the wind. But at that time I was only thinking about 'the moment'
and because it was spoken with that emphasis by one who I had way too much regard for 'the moment' became this holy sort of mystery of which i had no control over.

These days it's today and tomorrow. I feel more balanced and less inclined to give money to swindlers. I love critical thinking and exercising that skill because it does balance out the highly intuitive side and gives me a foothold in a level above the duality of that.
Wasn't that what he promised me all along?
he forgot to mention you have to leave first to get it...

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