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03/28/2017, 18:03:46
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Hello Mr Roark, and tip of the hat to Mr Tarv. Yes I am ready to drop the broad reference to's just too simplistic and only makes for easy target practice. Happy to move on...

But let's get straight to the matter at hand....Plant Medicines and the growing global interest therein. Full disclosure, I am a strong advocate and engaged participant in this wave, having done Mother Aya four times in the last year. Not really planning on visiting Iquitos any time soon, but in touch with many who do.

This may not the be the proper forum for sharing such experiences, but I truly believe that we, as ex-premies, are still on a potent viable journey towards expanded awareness and all the lovely benefits that it entails. I have been quietly hoping to discuss this subject with others from our milieu for some time.

Yes microdosing is very popular in the Silicon Valley culture as well as...well just about everywhere (check Reddit for the many threads). I am involved with the organization pretty closely and have several years ongoing practice in numerous other compounds. All of which have benefited me on profound levels, and I have learned the value of set and setting while finding no need for any form of recreational use.

Maybe the best I can say is that this is a very interesting new world indeed. The people involved are bright and motivated, as well as considerate and kind. Their commitment to healing the human spirit is quite impressive.

Obviously more to tell. To be continued.

Mark B

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