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03/28/2017, 11:30:51
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Hi Manincar,
Very funny, Decartes, the horse and all, thanks for that.
I am also a fan of Wade Davis's writings, particularly One River.
I've become very interested in the new, expansive wave of psychoactive plant use, and what we are learning.  The recent psychological studies extolling the virtues of controlled use of mushrooms, ayahuasca and such are compelling
in a good way.  I am hearing much, much more upside than downside talked about regarding this wave.
I am also at the periphery of Silicone Valley culture, and have become fascinated with the 'microdosing' phenomena, daily very small doses of LSD, Psilocybin and the like (particularly by software makers) to improve creativity and clarity.  It's a wake-up call to see how bright some of those lights are burning, and will be interesting to see how sustainable the related, gained internal understandings and modalities will be, and to what extent this will integrate into their behavior over time.
One thing though, the word 'mind' is such a catchall, a ridiculously broad term.  Some definitions of mind prelude any possibility of experience outside of it.  On this site, the reference seems mostly geared toward GMJ's use of the word as being the main obstacle to peace, which of course sets up a bewildering and unwinnable battle with oneself.  Might be a fun Sunday project to try to refine a coherent definition of mind for use here.

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