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03/27/2017, 06:09:48
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My first thought about why the organization wasn't named is that the "organization" is probably a group of major donors who founded an organization for the purpose of doling out a grant to TPRF -- another one of those "incestuous" premie business gambits.  I think those are the types of schemes they sit around cooking up -- perhaps a more efficient way to give from a tax perspective.

My understanding is that TPRF lacks the logistical machinery to dig wells and cook and distribute food.  Instead it partners with other organizations equipped for those activities for the purpose of name dropping in glossy self-promoting PR releases.  So why would an organization partner with an organization that only partners?  It doesn't make sense:  "We'll grant you money to grant to other organizations." 

Really just an example of how cynical I've become after being played for a fool from all angles and directions from all things having to do with that cult. 

Nice to see you back (and) Happy Being Free!

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