in pursuit of reality and still clinging to that curious converse
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03/26/2017, 20:49:56
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Hi Tarvuist - why are we on about it?  because it's interesting isn't it.  maybe we can extract some sense out of all the knowings with a bit of a rephrase.  'knowing what you are not consciously aware of'.

here's an example.  (my intuition was taken over by a pirate in case you're wondering why he's a he) 

I am in my front garden and in my head I am thinking it would be nice to pull a few more weeds tho I am feeling like I want to stop and go inside.  A few more weeds later and he whispers in my ear "don't you want to get out of the way of that ball of rage that is coming?"  A few more weeds and I am still turning that over wondering whether to take it seriously, I mean I'm trying to imagine what a ball of rage is and "No really, I'm serious"  and I go straight inside and oh goodness by the time I am upstairs there comes the tenant - I thought he was out but he must have been sitting in his flat getting angry.  and I am safely out of his way.

Don't we all have a list of examples of our own.  and no I can't think of any time it's wrong.  There's been times I've believed it's wrong.  Mainly because I couldn't believe it was that bad, frightening.  There is an aspect to intuition that's like an alarm clock.  little buzz - oh I don't like the drip on the end of his nose - hit the pause button, ignore it.  more insistent alarm - there's a gnome at the bottom of the garden, huh? hit the pause button.  eventually it is on and no pause button will work. 

But of course it is not infallible.  Look into the burnished shield of someone who has a fake persona and see yourself reflected.  

There is so much deception it ends up feeling like we are in a hall of mirrors by the time we get to middle age!

Of course it is good to have a head on my shoulders, much better than a parrot, more fun for the pirate.

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