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03/26/2017, 10:43:44
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Good question.

I checked the statement again and there was no mention of it.  Then I checked the TPRF website, irksome as it was, and couldn't even find the statement.  This statement was apparently distributed (privately via the PWK only network?) to premie communities for further distribution via premie community mailing lists -- no surprise.  Clearly they are confident that premies will never ask questions that have anything to do with transparency and accountability.


After all this, the blizzard two weeks ago and all the snow still lingering, we still have muddy season to look forward to!  We think of you often and hope you are well and doing your best to cope with winter and get on as best you can.  I see flowers blossoming all around your home soon!

My sporadic posting lately and return to life without a hint of the cult is largely due to the healing and recovery that you made possible.

Love to you!


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