Beautiful, Lesley
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03/26/2017, 09:52:55
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Dear Lesley,

Stunning... thank you.  Please keep that powerful thought stream going.  The opposite is atrophy.

I'm taken aback because of my thoughts in only the past few days!  They mostly stem from an experience with surgical anesthesia.  From my last recollection to waking up in recovery an hour and a half later was quicker than a blink.  This experience stuck with me, leading me to now think that a trillion years could have past a thousand times more quickly.  Time only exists while we are alive (or the ability to perceive it)... I think.  There is no such thing as forever because forever is a function of time and it cannot exist in a timeless state.  (I'm currently fascinated by the concept of time and how each person may perceive it differently.) 

Those thoughts got me to thinking about infinity.  Like the known universe being a hole in a plane of Swiss cheese, or a molecule in the flesh of a giant, or my childhood revelation of a marble in some kids toy box (which got me an "A" on a 7th grade essay). 

One big bang or a pi's worth of big bangs... or something in between and still going off somewhere?

On the one hand, these thoughts help to explain my fervent, stubborn, childish, ill-informed clinging to a naïve, subservient, simple, utopian fantasy that Rawat calls "Knowledge." 

On the other hand, they beg for the universal (or infinite?) common denominator that you so clearly identify between your lines:


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