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03/26/2017, 09:06:26
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The following statement from TPRF was recently brought to my attention:


"Recently, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) staff responded to the question below from a large foundation considering TPRF for a grant. We think it would be a question of general interest to all TPRF’s supporters, and so we are passing it on to you.

What distinguishes your organization's work from other organizations in the field? 

While TPRF is a relatively small foundation, it enjoys worldwide support from people in 50 countries because of the nature of the founder’s international work..." 


TPRF's answer to the question in its statement went on for several paragraphs in a similar tone in support of the good works of TPRF.  Apparently, TPRF is being considered as a recipient of another foundation's grant money. 

Is the other foundation fully aware of TPRF's "dual purpose" and the history of TPRF's namesake?  Also, my understanding is that organizations with grant money available typically invite organizations to apply for grants and typically do not go out looking for organizations to grant money to.  That leads me to suspect that TPRF applied for the grant.  If so, then apparently TPRF no longer gets enough donations from "worldwide support from people in 50 countries" premies.

And if so, then why can't TPRF simply state that it applied for a grant and this is one of the questions in the application instead of obfuscating much less clearly stating that it is being considered for a grant... even as Rawat prattled on and on (and on) about how good "clarity" feels?

I have to stop now because this could easily cascade into an avalanche.

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