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03/25/2017, 22:23:38
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Why am I so on about this...!?
I think you could call it a phenomenon - something that plenty of people experience but we're not exactly sure what's going on.
Well, yes, there's plenty that goes on in my life while I'm not quite exactly aware of what's going on, or greatly unnoticing anyway, all part of unimaginably intricately sophisticated neurological networkings in body and brain that are pretty nifty.
...the idea of crediting
yourself with knowing what you know without knowing it. 

I'd have to say then you'd be knowing it, not lacking the knowing of it.  Am I being too picky. 

Your visual perception by your eyes can measure strips of lead in a different way, maybe even more direct way, than to look at the ruler against the gap, then hold and cut the lead piece, or mark it against the ruler and cut.  With the ruler there are more steps than just using your direct visual awareness and proprioception, sense of body position and movement, that your brain creates by synthesis of all the input...something like that. 

Right there that's some actual mechanism of knowing, not a mystery of instantaneous instinctual unknowing magic out of thin air.  Yes, we identify with this "instinct" as well as the surface level of awareness "I am" ...that's all "of who I am."

But if there's more to your idea of this, I need a better example of your "knowing something that you don't know."  ...or what you're getting at. 
....the next thing you know I am thinking my instinctive reckoning is accurate...
(But is it always accurate?!)  Instinctive's also a part of the manner of knowing, though applying the word "instinct" lends a bit of mysteriousness.  It's all a way of knowing about yourself, you know you have ability that you call instinctive reckoning.  ...that's a good part of knowingness to add into the full real process of assessing things. instinctive understanding of reality is better than what I can work out
in my head, what I can see on the outside is not enough.

Maybe both are quite equally good thing to have in your backpack for assessing and understanding, functioning in reality.  And
anyway doesn't your instinctive understanding also get worked out in your head, muscles and nerves, your mind/bodily self -- or where else is it possibly worked out?  Of course  hat's outside your body is not enough, you have a brain and head too in the equation.  Good thing we can think and see out of our eyes at the same time, and sort some practical understanding out of it in real time.

(I had a semester with a professor, William Poteat, who set out on his lifelong course of mental correction for Western Thought to extract us from the skewing of Rene Descartes' idea in the 16th century leading all future Western understanding of reality on a faulty course when he conceptually split apart the mind and body.  The words and speech we use strongly fixate our sense of the shape of reality.  Poteat was at an effort to bring human sense back home recovered to existence and full sentience grounded in our immediate mind/bodily presence in speech and thought.  ...something like Richard Alpert's "Be Here Now" only more elegant and solid.  I've been trying to make my way reading through Poteat's books with comprehension since then when I was twenty years old...with a short lapse of 38 years when I was following Prem Rawat's admonition against mind as an enemy. there's why I'm so on about this!)

Of course I should suppose I actually could be entirely ignorant of a whole realm of subtleness in consciousness to which you have full

Really, I'm more interested in how your thinking goes
about these things than wishing you'd tighten it up in some random manner I might blunderingly want of you, or as a devotee of Poteat.  But I do like to expect thinking about things can be made more precise, or enhanced at least with friendly exposure to other's challenges.  ...or anyway some kind of creativity can be enhanced, if not mental precision.

Thanks for tickling out some thought with your flash of unexpected grammar
turning the knowing/not knowing inside-out ... or I should say

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