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03/24/2017, 15:30:04
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"I tend to believe that we know what we’re doing when we don’t know what we’re doing."  

First, wanting to be brief...apologies for my lugubrious writing style with its pretensions of or anyway attempts at intelligence...

Always it's interesting to read what someone other than one's self writes in expression of their deepest and subtlest beliefs in life.  Surely I don't grasp but miniscule of the all the good in the substance behind what you are saying.  

But especially the quote above that I've pulled from your post seems to me a very odd thing to say, and it grabbed my attention prompting a little response of my own here.  In that sentence I think there is something of an idea prevalent or common in many areas of human attitude toward the world we live in, something important to note. 

I think it is rather more accurate to recognize that it is precisely when one doesn't know what one is doing that one does NOT know what one is doing, not the curious converse as you state it. 

This seems to me a very simple and obvious point of sanity and navigation in life, after all my explorations.  The lovely poetry of the Magics and Maybe are interesting to explore, contemplate, think about, and enjoy, but most importantly, to the existence of human race, and after all to myself, I think it is critical to carefully balance all those Intangibles against what is empirical and clearly known to the mind, and, really, what is known to all of one's most fully awake apperception in one's best light of rationality.  

For this I have discovered I must exercise my brain a bit more and quite differently than I did during all that time in my life when all mental exercise was avoided as misleading other than when employed in the absorbing of sounds coming out of the mouth of Prem Rawat, and others I might encounter.  (Just telling by the way about myself, I've been actually now and again attempting somewhat more of a rigorous course of very conscious discernment in "thinking for myself" as an exercise of attitude in moving through my waking hours in background of all activity daily life.  ...probably an effort not unlike what others posting here attempt to do.)
A facility of magic-thought is I think of course something of the evolved capacities arisen in us human creatures, and so there must be some use to it -- giving it only a cursory glance for the moment, perhaps the facility of magic-thought is a buffer of comfort against more raw un-fiddled perception of realities, a way of easing oneself through life.  

But I'm aware that there are quite limiting parameters to what my brain and consciousness can gather of the reality of existence and of the "universe". Who could ever really expect a human being could be all-knowing; surely we have only a tiny human-evolved peep-hole to seeing all what IS.  I cannot find a way to bring myself to believe there exists something such as a Buddha-like all-knowing realization anywhere akashically pervading everything or within or surrounding any creature.

I always suspect that my best course is to use and go on what is clearly recognized in the parameters of my brains direct understanding.  Further I suspect (or  hope?) that through the trial and error of a lifetime in ongoing direct perception of empirical reality that the acuity has improved a bit in making some use of things experienced clearly, assessing pragmatically the nature of reality and honing perceived specifics in viewing and navigating life, in effect expecting there to have been a bit of increase in "understanding" and "thinking" ability.  It may be this is not so.  


Anyway maybe this is all merely my own blather.  I have nothing but a small trace of illusion as to understanding what's going on in your or anyone else's brain behind the words written or spoken, though I often may say I perfectly understand you.  

In general I strongly suspect something actually more nuanced and different is going on other than "we are all one in the spirit" -- and I would like to always be giving it a hearty go toward devising practical meaning out of all this "what is going on."

In tearing haste,
Tarvuist -- what have I been smoking

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